the little crow comes in

by Clem Flowers

& takes off with all
my worries my woes
my agony after agony –
all the burnt-edged 
memories are 

I want to thank
him but not
sure what would
be the best
gift to thank 
a creature not
in a world of fantasy

A shiny rock?
Some favored seeds? 
Burning down the sources of major light pollution uptown?

My Sweetie suggests making a donation to the Aviary we’re in at that moment. 

I kiss his cheek & thank him as I pull out my debit card – we & the ornithologists laugh as the crow tries to take off with the little shiny hunk of light yellow

Clem Flowers (They/ Them) is a poet, low rent aesthete, gorgeous monstrosity, pizza man lover, and generally queer as hell cryptid, with 10 chapbooks, a full length book of poetry, Best of the Net & Pushcart nominations to their name. NB, pan, and living in a cozy apartment with their wonderful spouse & sweet calico kitty out in a desert valley. Found on Twitter @clem_flowers & on Bluesky at